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In Cyprus, children of all ages eagerly await the arrival of Saint Basil (Agios Vasil) who celebrates his Name Dayon New Year's Eve who brings gifts of happiness and prosperity for the forthcoming year to all the family and love and romance to the unmarried.

On New Year's evening the young and single test the affections of their loved one by throwing small olive branches into the open fire - if the branches jumps and crackles their love is happy and true, alas if the branch simply smoulders away quietly.

The other big New Year superstition is that how you feel on New Year's Day is how you will feel all year through so everyone makes the effort to spend a happy time with their family - especially as the family is usually in a generous mood!

The Vasilopitta is very easy to make and uses ingredients that are found in abundance in Cyprus - fresh oranges, almonds and Cyprus Brandy! The cake always has a coin hidden inside it and the person who finds it is assured of extra happiness all year through.

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