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welcome in e-vasilopita

[under construction]

when the householder was cutting the new year cake, he shared the pieces as described:
the first one was the piece for the household, the second one for santa claus(agios vasilis), the third one for his wife, the forth one for work, the rest of it for the family members, one for the poor people and one for the foreign people.(custom from greece)

the custom vasilopita

Warning! goblins-kalikantzaros and fairies-xotiko appear in e-vasilopita in order to destroy your luck at flouri (gold coin).
if it appears at your virtual table goblin then you should take a sieve* by clicking the name, to protect your luck, if it appears at your table fairy then you should take her veil* of clicking on the name, these actions have to do before they appear.
the fairies and goblins will be running from December 25 to January 6.
this means you have to check oft your virtual table

.. we need your contribution to reviving forgotten greek folk traditions, through the e-vasilopita in the global "village".. the internet.

dear mr dear mrs

welcome to the 1st(beta) cutting of the e-vasilopita (virtual new year bread-pie-cake).

tradition in combination with the abilities of the internet communication can bring us closer.
in this special cutting there won’t be any taste or personal contact, but the point of cutting the new year cake will touch us all, which is love, concord, equality, hospitality, respect, communication, justice, unit

we would like to inform you that registrations are free in e-vasilopita (new year bread). in new year bread there is a coin (konstantinato) gilt 24c, silver 999o, copy from the years of great konstantinos, 324ac) there are also marks(wheat, bean, walnut, olive leaf, pomegranate, etc…).

the meaning of these marks is described in our web page where is written the custom of new year cake by the folklorist ms. a. tzinikou.

we’ll send the gold coin (flouri) to the lucky one who’ll find it.

everybody who will find the mark leaf of olive tree will win a personal e-vasilopita 2012 for his/her friends, members, or customers (max 500 registrations).

everybody who will find the mark pomegranate will win a personal egg battle-50 (example) for the easter (for your customers, friends, members in facebook, myspace, twitter etc).

registrations for free (all ages accepted, from1 to 121 years old)

the new year cake in this virtual form is also an opportunity to show the beauty of tradition to our children, who are so interested in using the internet.

in our web site you can see the ancient game called (for brevity) eba1. if you already know it, spare some time to teach it to your nephews, children, friends. if you don’t, then be patient until we register information, directives and pictures.

this year, every registered person will be able to put next to his name a card wishing whatever he wants for the new year or a photo(from your profile in facebook, myspace, twitter etc) . your photo can be sent to [email protected], after completed the cell with the subject your code ( e-vasilopita code) and your full name.

thank you for participating in this special meeting of hellenism and philhellenism through the internet.
thank you for your participation in the maintenance and distribution of our tradition.

happy new year

zissis kyriakakis
responsible of organisation of sponsors,

*according to our folk tradition and customs, many years ago, all people who were living in villages had to hang a sieve behind their door, in order kalikantzaros-goblins not to annoy them during christmas.
if a kalikantzaros-goblin got in a house, then it started counting how many the holes of the sieve were. (don’ t forget that goblins are very silly). but it continued counting and it was beginning to dawn. so, the goblin left . furthermore, if someone met a fairy and she or he could take the fairy’ s veil, the fairy could also bring into reality whatever she/ he wanted.

the easter will take place the first egg battle of the whole hellenism and friend of greece at a virtual traditional egg battle from which will be elected the strongest egg of the participating persons. you can register for free. if you want to make right now a test in an egg battle you can register at demo egg-battle( at click up and right and follow the directives of help.

e-vasilopita innovation award of 2004 ( )


how can you see if your registration at e-vasilopita has been successfully done.

the registrations are accepted in 24 hours from completing and sending the form.
at click on the left on registered-see if you are registered. then look for your name at the list in an alphabetic order.

if your name isn’t correctly registered send us an e-mail at [email protected] in order to change the information. pay attention to this: when you in the list or at the table, when you pass over the registered names and remain on one name for 3-4 seconds you can see the town-country of the others’ stay and origin.(only these data and not anything else).

it is worth seeing from where comes the other from.
right of the names there are the web sites for those who have completed this field on their form of registration.

how can you visit your virtual table in order to take your e-vasilopita's piece, the day of the cutting or another day after the cutting:

from the web page click on "registered-see if you are registered" in order to appear the list with the names of the registered persons in an alphabetic order.
then click on your name to get to your virtual table. there will be 19 more persons and you should wait for the moment when the cutting starts to be given your piece of cake that appears next to your name in order to click on it. then it will turn from its other side and you’ll be able to see if there will be any coin or mark.

even if you may not be able to be online at the moment of the cutting, you will be given a piece in any case. anytime you can see in our webpage if there is a coin into your piece, by clicking on it. registrations will be accepted even a day before the cutting (ages: from1-121 years old).

chat and forum

try to chat with each other but also with anyone that is online the day of the cutting. how? just by entering the web site, clicking on chat through irc, waiting for a little, completing your full name in latin font(don’t complete the cell for the password, it is unnecessary), and then clicking on connect. when your name will appear on the up and right side of the page start talking.

thank you for your understanding any omissions or imperfections.
texts are simple without any formats, in order to be read every pc everywhere in the world.

to contact for any change or addition to your elements send us an e-mail at [email protected] writing your code(e vasilopita code) and your full name as a subject.

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