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Goblins in e-vasilopita

Goblins (KALIKANTZAROS) and Fairies (XOTIKO)

Who says Santa Claus is the only one trying to come down your chimney during the festive season (New Year day)? According to Greek tradition(mythology) Goblins(Kalikantzaros) are trying to slide into homes, and instead of presents they are intent on leaving a trail of destruction!!!

How to protect your luck points from Goblins-KALIKANTZAROS.

(Image A) Before Goblins visit tables

Before Goblins visit, You can see for example the Luck points of Helen Karmen are 100.

NOTICE: If you have registered before Christmas you got 100 luck points. If you register after Christmas you got the less points any body from registered has.

(Image B) After Goblins-KALIKANTZAROS visit

In this table you can see a Goblin.
If you put your mouse over Helen Karmen' s name you can see that she has 50% points less. She had 100 points and now she has 50 points.


(Image C) The sieve

Helen Karmen has seen the Goblin in her table, She clicks on Goblin's name and then she gets (hung up) a sieve.
so Goblin gives back her luck points (100).

(Image D) Goblins have gone

Now you can see Helen Karmen's luck points are 100.

Goblins-KALIKANTZAROS and Fairies-XOTIKO appear in e-Vasilopita in order to destroy your luck at FLOURI (Gold coin). if a Goblin appears at your virtual table, then you should take a sieve by clicking the name, before it disappears, otherwise your luck points will be 50% less. if it appears at your table fairy then you should take her veil of clicking on the name, to get double luck points.
The fairies and goblins will be running from Dec 25 2011 to Feb 21 2012. This means that time you have to check very oft your virtual table.

From Iceland to Greece, goblins, are the main characters of the legends that represent the dark side of Christmas.
Goblins traditionally descend onto the human population during the last 13 nights before Christmas.
These goblins steal meat, sausages, milk and candles and play tricks as indicated by their names (Door Slammer, Sausage Pilfer, Meat Hook, Candle Beggar, etc.).
They appear on consecutive days starting from 12 December until Christmas Eve (or from Dec 25 to Jan 6).

The Kallikatzaros of Greece are ugly hairy goblins of varying sizes, half animal and half human, with long tails and goat legs.
They live under the ground and are busy all year round sawing away at the Big Tree that holds the Earth. But just as when the Tree is about to fall off, it’s Christmas season and the kallikatzaroi surface to cause mischief to the humans.

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